Enacomm Announces ViA 3500, Next-Generation IVR Dashboard

Modern, data-driven decision making is transforming traditional customer interaction channels. Enacomm, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent customer interactions technology, today announced the release of Virtual Interactive Analyst (ViA) 3500, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) reporting, monitoring and alerting application offering organizations a complete view of their phone self-service system effectiveness.

“The top customer service channel that U.S. consumers use on a regular basis is the telephone, according to Microsoft’s 2016 ‘Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report,’” stated Michael Boukadakis, CEO of Enacomm. “Continually refining the IVR experience is critical for organizations today to win and keep customers, while at the same time reducing costs.”

More than 50 enhancements that give organizations greater visibility into the IVR experience are implemented in the updated version. Highlights of new improvements to ViA include:

  • New First Call Resolution Report: This customizable report provides an additional key performance indicator (KPI) for easily measuring IVR self-service and contact center assisted-service effectiveness.
  • New Concurrent Calls History Visualization: By looking at inbound call and call transfer patterns, contact center managers can better optimize call center staffing and capacity planning.
  • New Errors Trend Graph: This addition to the dashboard lets contact centers more easily detect insidious, long-term IVR, application and back-end error trends.
  • Fraud Control Module Alerts Integration: ViA can now optionally display fraud alerts, along with regular IVR and IVR application alerts, allowing call center personnel to triage fraud alerts before forwarding them to risk management.
  • Improved IVR Performance Reports: ViA’s IVR performance reports can now filter out callers that transferred to the contact center but never spoke with a CSR, resulting in more accurate call containment rates.
  • Improved Trend Graphs: ViA users can now easily compare IVR performance across different time periods – August 2016 authentication rates to August 2015 rates, for example.

ViA 3500 offers real-time IVR and application quality reporting, monitoring, and alerting through an intuitive dashboard, ad hoc reporting and over 30 standard reports. ViA allows customers to define metrics that are important to the business and then monitor those metrics to significantly improve call containment and first call resolution. With the detailed call data collected by VIA, users can better understand how customers are interacting with their phone self-service channel and easily identify ways to better the customer experience and limit caller frustration.

“Using the extensive amount of information collected by ViA 3500, companies are able optimize the IVR experience and create truly intelligent customer interactions,” commented Enacomm COO David Jackson. “Easy to implement and cost-effective, ViA is a must-have tool for delivering the efficient, personalized customer service that consumers today expect.”


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