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Enacomm and VoiceVault showcase voice e-signature at Money 20/20

Enacomm and VoiceVault have showcased a voice e-signature biometric verification system at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas.

26th October 2015 - Author Joanne Frearson

Michael Boukadakis, CEO of Enacomm, said: “Financial institutions, insurance companies, medical practices and other organizations often require a customer or patient signature acknowledging a legal disclaimer or even a sale. “Compared to the traditional process of mailing forms for customers to sign, then filing and managing them once returned, Voice e-Signature is extremely efficient, enabling one-shot telephonic enrolments.

“Voiceprint biometrics, versus static digital or analog recordings, ensures a higher level of security and is a sounder defence in the case of a legal dispute.”

Voice e-signatures eliminate the risk of documents being lost, stolen or compromised during a paper-based authentication process.

They are considered legally-binding under the American Bar Association’s test for a legally-binding signature, US E-Sign Act, HIPAA / CMS, FDA 21 CFR 11 regulations, and EU Directive 1993/93/EC.

Julia Webb, vice president of sales and marketing for VoiceVault, said: “Voice e-Signature offers an easier, safer and more affordable way for organisations to collect customer or patient consent forms.

“By implementing this technology, companies evolve their process, secure operations and embrace the future.”

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