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Social Financial Platform PayForward Teams with Enacomm

By Alexandra Duggan, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Enacomm, Inc, a leading provider of intelligent customer interaction technology, has recently been contracted byPayForward, a social financial platform to assist with its customer self-service.

Enacomm is planning to host a customer self-service solution for PayFoward. The social financial platform gives members the opportunity to receive instant cash back rebates every time a purchase is made with participating merchants. Users can create, and organize fundraisers for community projects- from sports teams to art projects.

"PayForward is dedicated to helping members easily find our corporate partners and their up-to-date account information no matter where they are," explained Steve Sullivan, Vice President of Customer Experience for PayForward. "Personalized, intelligent voice interactions enabled by Enacomm perfectly complement the convenience of PayForward's website and mobile app.”

Enacomm comes into play with its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to ensure high-quality customer interactions and Enacomm Engage(TM) to manage the IVR systems. Enacomm also offers self and assisted-service solutions; delivered as hosted, on-premise or on-demand services through cloud- help. Using this platform severely cuts costs compared to the average self-service call.

"PayForward's innovative concept couldn't be timelier, as more and more people embrace the importance of elevating the social good. Enacomm is excited to help PayForward meet the customer service needs of its growing base of members who understand the 'big picture' and are taking advantage of PayForward's prepaid card to translate their everyday financial transactions into relevant benefits for their communities” stated Boukadakis.

The social aspect of PayForward gives users the ability to post updates that members of the social platform can see, keeping everyone in the loop. PayForward provides opportunities to connect with the community and make a difference in one simple social and financial place.

PayFoward is free to join, and has no hidden fees. Rebates can be activated with the PayForward Prepaid Visa Debit Card. Cards can be automatically loaded, and the company hopes to eventually be able to link its card to user’s existing Visa cards.

Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis expresses his support of PayFoward and the idea of communities giving back.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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