FSV Payment Systems taps Enacomm's solution to combat card fraud

October 27, 2016 — FSV Payment Systems, a U.S. Bank wholly-owned subsidiary and a provider of prepaid programme management and processing services, has implemented Enacomm's ViA Fraud Control Module to combat card fraud.

The module builds upon Enacomm's Virtual Interactive Analyst (ViA) offering, an analytics tool for call centres featuring real-time IVR, web, mobile, SMS, CTI and quality reporting, monitoring, and alerting.

The add-in module allows users to create fraud rules based upon PIN changes, number of accounts and or cards per person, authentication failures, card-to-card transfers, and multiple other caller behaviours within the IVR system.

The Fraud Module constantly analyses the large amount of IVR call data and helps FSV to report information gathered on criminal activity to the proper authorities.

Fraud records and fraud notifications are automatically generated by the Fraud Control Module round the clock to optimize risk assessment on a continuous basis. It helps companies to make decisions about how to handle each suspected or confirmed fraudster based on detailed interaction records.

U.S. Bank general manager of prepaid division Peter Klukken said: “FSV is committed to providing its account holders with the highest level of fraud protection available -- in this day and age that means staying on the leading edge of technology.

"The Enacomm Fraud Control Module's configurable tools are a crucial part of FSV's fraud prevention strategy."

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