Mobilize Account Activation with eKBA®

Whether you call it “CIP”, “KBA”, “KYC”, or “Out of Wallet” authentication, customer identification plays a key role in onboarding and activating a new card or account.

eKBA® (Enacomm Knowledge Based Authentication) is the best mobile browser product available to help your organization authenticate your customers and activate their accounts in real-time. The perfect choice for fraud prevention, eKBA provides a non-intrusive, positive customer experience and is compliant with FFIEC guidance, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, USA Patriot Act, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Lose the Lag

The lag time between receiving, activating, and loading a card often results in lost revenue or a lost account. Now, you can help eliminate the lag with eKBA.

eKBA provides a rapid onboarding solution. Using a customer-friendly interface, eKBA guides the cardholder through the authentication process using leading edge knowledge based authentication databases and techniques. In just a few minutes, the card holder will be authenticated and the account will be activated and ready to load.

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