eAlerts provides an easy, effective and affordable way to reach customers. From outage notification to courtesy calls, collections or appointment reminders, eAlerts allows non-technical users to launch the call campaigns your organization needs.

eAlerts taps into the existing IVR structure that is managed by ENACOMM’s IVR and CTI systems so that calls, text messages or emails can be initiated quickly, effectively, and with minimal user intervention. An individual just uploads a file and eAlerts interacts with the IVR to dynamically and immediately launch the outbound campaigns.

Your business office team only has to log into a simple website and upload a spreadsheet of contact information to launch an effective call campaign.

Planning and launching a campaign is easy. eAlerts has a predefined list of attributes, covering every campaign type. All you have to do is create a spreadsheet file with the contact information set in the right attributes; the same template file can be used for every campaign.

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