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What’s Most Important When Measuring Customer Experience?

Real-time usability feedback is crucial when measuring the customer experience. Rapid response time, time in queue, total experience time, terminations, and the number of transfers required are all key metrics that should be gauged. An analytics tool for reporting, monitoring, and alerting allows organizations to make informed decisions based on key trends and quickly tune applications to improve overall customer satisfaction and retention long-term.

ViA® is Enacomm’s analytics tool for call centers featuring real-time IVR, CTI and Quality reporting, monitoring, and alerting. In addition to serving as a powerful analytics tool that quickly tunes IVR applications, ViA provides usability feedback, proactively helps make informed decisions, improves customer satisfaction, and identifies key IVR trends.

While methods like customer surveys are important for evaluating the customer experience and can help pinpoint any trouble areas, statistical information can provide an objective overview. “Total time” to conduct a single function, for example, is one of the many factors Enacomm measures to determine how well the consumer experience is flowing. Account usage also helps to inform customer satisfaction. For example, satisfied customers more often use their accounts for core purchases at retail stores.

As for the self-service experience, providing customers with intelligent interactions is paramount, as Frost & Sullivan emphasizes. One of the primary reasons customers become frustrated with this segment is the unnecessary friction they encounter while in the self-service system. By replacing conventional service paths with intelligent paths based on customer data, the friction is minimized.

Enacomm is a leading provider of personalized, multi-modal self-service voice and data processing products and services, including hosted IVR. Innovating since 1986, Enacomm’s team of subject-matter experts guides organizations of all sizes to stay ahead of the curve by implementing advanced, intelligent customer service technologies.

While some focus on containment in the IVR or other automated systems, this measure alone can be misleading and even detrimental to the customer experience. Instead, one must look at all factors available to create an optimal balance, containing customers to the self-service system while providing an exceptional customer experience.

Enacomm can help you measure and improve the customer experience that your organization delivers. Give us a call at 1-877-860-0025 or send an email to sales@enacomm.net.



Customer Self-Service Adoption Is Increasing, Reports Forrester

Customer service channel usage is evolving,, and offering excellent self-service to consumers has never been more important. According to Kate Leggett of Forrester – VP, Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery Pros – customers are using more communication channels for customer service than ever before and are contacting customer service organizations more frequently.

Here’s one key takeaway from Forrester’s latest consumer survey about channel usage for customer service:

self-service increase - meme
Consumers now expect service interactions to be quick and easy. When it comes to the IVR, only next-generation technology that enables intelligent interactions fits the bill. Enacomm is a leading provider of personalized, multi-modal self-service voice and data processing products and services. Delivered as hosted, on-demand and managed services through the cloud, Enacomm’s IVR solutions are helping organizations cut costs, improve loyalty and increase member retention.

To learn more about Enacomm’s hosted IVR, download our brochure here, or contact us at sales@enacomm.net or 1-877-860-0025.

Voice Is Still #1 Channel for Customer Service – Optimize Your IVR

While the number of self-service options has multiplied, four out of five inbound customer service interactions still come from the phone channel, according to Contact Babel. Whether it’s an easy task that can be handled via self-service or a complicated concern that requires the assistance of a customer service representative, the call should start with Intelligent IVR to lay the foundation for a positive customer experience.

Delivered as hosted, on-demand and managed services through the cloud, Enacomm’s self-service and assisted-service IVR solutions offer organizations the chance to cut costs, improve loyalty and increase member retention. To learn more about Enacomm’s Intelligent IVR, go here. For more information or to schedule a product demonstration, contact us: sales@enacomm.net or 1-877-860-0025. We would be happy to help your organization optimize its customer interactions.


Meet Eva – Enacomm Voice Authentication – at Money20/20

Now, you can see Enacomm’s new Eva voice authentication technology at Money20/20. Enacomm will demonstrate how Eva can help you authenticate and protect your customers using advanced voice biometrics.

If you haven’t already signed up for the conference, there is still time to take advantage of our 20% registration discount. Send a note to sales@enacomm.net.

Multi-layered customer identification and authentication are vital to the security of financial institutions and payment organizations – and are recommended by the FFIEC. With Eva, your customers can use their voice to authenticate. There’s nothing to lose or forget – and voice authentication cannot be stolen or compromised like other methods. In fact, voice biometrics are more reliable than fingerprints and Eva’s system has a 99.9% accuracy rating.

We hope you’ll stop by Booth #707 at Money20/20 to meet Eva. But, if you can’t wait or are not attending, contact Enacomm at 1-877-860-0025 for a personal demonstration.

This year, Money20/20 will take place at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, November 2-6, 2014.  The two-week countdown is almost here!

Win Big in Vegas – Visit Enacomm in Booth #707.

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SafeAmerica Credit Union Taps Enacomm for Intelligent IVR Technology

SafeAmerica Credit Union logoSafeAmerica, a $310 million community-chartered Credit Union with 25,000 members across six public and two company branches in the San Francisco Bay Area, has chosen Enacomm to provide intelligent customer interactions technology. SafeAmerica will be putting Enacomm’s financial suite to use, including Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology.

Enacomm recently became a Recognized Vendor of credit union core processor Corelation. The relationship opened the door to Enacomm serving SafeAmerica’s self and assisted-service needs. Together, Enacomm and Corelation will help SafeAmerica provide its members with top-notch service to increase member attraction and retention.

“Integral to our mission is exceeding members’ expectations with superior personal service and convenient means of access to financial products and services,” said Barry Roach, President & Chief Executive Officer of SafeAmerica. “Enacomm’s next-generation technology enables us to achieve these goals with personalized self and assisted-customer service that makes it quick and easy for our members to find the answers they need.”

Enacomm’s financial suite enables outbound alerts and notifications, in addition to including a smart IVR system. This self-service technology helps organizations significantly cut costs. The average assisted-service call costs a company about $2.50 while a self-service call runs less than $0.13. Delivering intelligent customer interactions is the best way to improve an organization’s bottom line, while ensuring a positive customer service experience.

“SafeAmerica’s values are built upon the aim to create lifelong relationships with its members,” noted Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis. “Enacomm’s advanced technology helps credit unions increase member loyalty and retention with positive, painless customer service experiences. We’re proud to equip SafeAmerica with the tools it needs to fulfill its commitment to service excellence.”

For more, check out stories on the new team-up from Speech Technology Magazine, TMCnet, Paybefore and Software Magazine.

Corelation Endorses Enacomm with Selection as Recognized Vendor of Intelligent Interactions Technology for Credit Unions

corelation logo 1

Earlier this year, Enacomm was a silver sponsor of Corelation’s 2014 Client Conference in San Diego. Corelation is a financial software company focused on developing an innovative core system with data services that meet the technological needs of credit unions. Not only was Enacomm a vendor at the event, but now we have become a Recognized Vendor of Corelation!

With the new relationship, Corelation will introduce its customers to Enacomm’s intelligent customer interactions technology. According to Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis, “Enacomm’s next-generation, customer self-service technology makes it possible for these financial institutions to engage with patrons in a more personal, efficient way.”

Thanks to predictive analytics and an advanced decisioning engine, credit unions’ interactions with members can be tailored to their individual needs. Not only will this better customer service experience improve loyalty and increase member retention, but Enacomm’s self-service and assisted-service solutions, delivered as hosted or on-demand services through the cloud, help credit unions cut costs—as well as organizations throughout the Financial, Prepaid/Cash Card, Health Care and Utilities industries. In fact, did you know that, with a $2.50 price tag, the average assisted-service call costs an organization 20 times as much as the average self-service call?

And it’s not just about saving money; it’s about giving consumers what they want, too. “A growing number of people now prefer the efficiency of customer self-service options over speaking with a live agent,” explained Boukadakis. “To meet this rising demand and stand out from the competition, credit unions can create intelligent interactions across all contact channels, so members can easily complete transactions and get the information they need.”

To deliver the best member service possible, Enacomm’s intelligent self and assisted-service technology complements Corelation’s member-centric system. To learn more, give us a call at 877-860-0025.

Counting Down to FinTech Mecca: Money 20/20!

The FinTech world is counting down to the leading global event for innovations in money! In nine weeks, Enacomm will be traveling to Money 20/20 to show the payments and financial services industries truly intelligent customer self-service.

The event will take place at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, November 2-6. At Booth 707, Enacomm will demonstrate brand new eKBA™ (knowledge-based authentication) mobile onboarding and will unveil a more robust version of ViA® Reporting and Analytics.

Enacomm brings intelligence to customer self-service for GPR and financial organizations across the US – more than a million times a day. Using web, mobile, SMS texts, email, voice and other communication channels, Enacomm enables organizations to offer their customers a superior, multi-modal self-service experience.

Do you want to join Enacomm and the 6,500 expected attendees at Money 20/20? We have a 20 percent discount code for you! Contact sales@enacomm.net if you’re interested in going to the show.

From automated customer retention, cross-selling and messaging to knowledge-based authentication, analytics and reporting, Enacomm helps organizations reduce costs and provide an exceptional customer self-service experience. Find out more at our Products/Services page, and follow Enacomm on Twitter using @enacomm to stay in the loop on Money 20/20 updates, Enacomm product releases, industry news and more.

money 20-20 countdown on 8.28


Customer Calls Enacomm’s Technology a “Game Changer” in Government Computer News

GCNA central focus of Government Computer News (GCN) is sharing real-world case studies to help Public Sector IT managers who are responsible for the specification, evaluation and selection of technology solutions make informed decisions. Recently, GCN contributor Bill Jackson elevated the progress that has been charted by the Muscogee Creek Nation Department of Health thanks to a successful partnership with Enacomm.

The Muscogee Creek Nation occupies a 75-mile-wide swath of eastern Oklahoma that extends south from Tulsa for about 80 miles along the U.S. 75 corridor. It has about 77,000 enrolled citizens. The nation’s healthcare system, which includes three hospitals and six clinics as well as six pharmacies, also serves members of any other federally recognized tribe. The health department has a staff of about 1,000 and an annual budget of about $85 million.

Identifying the challenged faced by MCN, Jackson writes:

For years, the health department allowed pharmacy customers to phone in requests for prescription refills. This system is simple, but it doesn’t scale well when pharmacists have to answer the phones, and by 2012 the pharmacies were receiving about 200 phone calls a day, which took time away from their primary jobs of filling 700 prescriptions each day.

Jackson’s piece goes on to detail the IVR implementation process that Enacomm/MCN undertook to make fielding calls into MCN’s pharmacies more efficient, as well as how the system works today. From the article:

The customer can use the phone keypad to enter a prescription number or can speak it. To make sure that it properly understands spoken responses, the system can prompt the user for additional information. Before converting the spoken response to data and passing it to the back-end pharmacy system, the IVR analyzes the voice responses to determine the percentage of certainty that it is properly understood. Business rules assess the accuracy of the system’s understanding, and if necessary questions can be repeated for clarification before sending the data to the back end for processing.

Jackson points out, “Adding automated IVR to the front end of an existing pharmacy software system has helped to take the burden of fielding hundreds of telephone calls from the pharmacists.” Robert Coffey, CIO of the Muscogee Creek Nation’s Department of Health, calls the automated interactive voice response (IVR) system added to pharmacy software, which has improved the efficiency of the Muscogee Creek Nation’s healthcare system and is helping to preserve the unique language of this Native American people, a “game changer.”

“It was a time-consuming process,” Robert Coffey, CIO of the Muscogee Creek Nation’s Department of Health, said of systems’ installation. “But once it was accomplished, they couldn’t believe how much time it saved.”

To learn more about how Enacomm’s IVR system, uniquely designed for MCN, achieved both “prosaic functionality” and “cultural preservation,” read the full story on GCN’s website. And to find out how Enacomm can help your organization scale its customer service operations to better serve patrons and save money, reach out to us at 1-877-860-0025 or sales@enacomm.net.

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Enacomm CMO’s Expert Article on Targeted Marketing via Customer Service Channels Published by Destination CRM




David Anderson

David Anderson

Advanced technology now gives precision new meaning when it comes to reaching consumers. In a Viewpoints feature for Destination CRM—a publication dedicated to information, products, and services relevant to the CRM user marketplace—Enacomm’s David Anderson lays out the benefits of employing a dynamic decisioning engine that enables hypertargeted marketing via customer service channels. Anderson is Chief Marketing Officer of Enacomm and creator of some of the first predictive marketing campaigns in America.

In his piece, “Win Over Consumers with Intelligent, Targeted Marketing,” Anderson explains why organizations shouldn’t throw away their marketing budgets on hit-or-miss efforts and should instead invest in cutting-edge technologies. From the op-ed:

Whether via television, email, or an interactive voice response system, consumers are often exposed to irrelevant messaging from marketing campaigns today. A credit card company sending solicitations every month to someone who already has the credit card being promoted is not only wasting time and money, but is also making itself look less than brilliant.

What is gained by trading in a traditional customer relationship management (CRM) campaign—general messages to all customers—for new technology?

With an advanced decisioning engine, organizations can track and react to consumer behaviors in real time with precise, targeted marketing to micro and macro segments, one customer or one million. Implementing a multimodal solution makes it possible to deliver targeted messages across all available channels, from SMS texts to customer service representatives, and will reflect unified data on the spot. Because communications can be tailored based on demographics or even purchase history, cross-selling, upselling, and retention are improved, thanks to an enhanced customer experience.

Anderson goes on to paint a picture of what intelligent, targeted marketing looks like in action:

A customer pulls up her recent bank account activity with a smartphone app to review pending transactions. Based on her repeated behavior of depositing paychecks at the bank on the last day of every month, an offer is displayed on her screen asking if she’d like to sign up for direct deposit. She is given the option to either tap a button to talk with a customer service representative or click a link to go to the Web for more information. If she accepts the offer, she benefits from added convenience, and the bank strengthens the customer’s connection to its brand. It’s a win-win.

Enacomm can help your organization create a targeted messaging campaign framed by intelligent, personalized interactions that respond to customers’ wants and needs in real time. Contact us at 1-877-860-0025 or sales@enacomm.net to find out how the latest self-service and assisted-service technologies can help you build customer loyalty, cut costs and increase revenues.

Enacomm-MCN Partnership Featured by CRM Magazine for “Real ROI” Series


In the February issue of CRM Magazine, the print accompaniment to DestinationCRM.com, a compelling feature for the publication’s “Real ROI” series shows how well-designed IVR solutions can overcome real-world challenges. The article, “IVR Is the Right Prescription for a Native American Health System,” spotlights Enacomm’s partnership with the Muscogee Creek Nation (MCN) Department of Health.

As described in the story’s subhead, Enacomm’s solution for MCN has enabled the organization to overcome spiking call volumes. According to Robert Coffey, chief information officer at the Muscogee Creek Nation Department of Health, “We were just getting inundated with calls. It was an administrative nightmare. It was so much work just for a simple prescription refill.”

But Enacomm has been able to help. From the article:

Thanks to an interactive voice response (IVR) system from Enacomm, Muscogee Creek has been able to tame unmanageable call volumes and voicemails. That IVR solution, which went live about a year ago, now every week processes more than 5,000 prescription refill requests that previously would have been handled manually. The average call covers roughly five prescription medicines, and the system handles each without a hitch, according to Coffey.

MCN in the past also worked with Enacomm on another IVR that it used to help tribe members with diabetes manage their condition and get rewards for certain behaviors known to control the symptoms of diabetes. As described in the article, “Members called in to report steps they took, such as walking for so many minutes a day, and racked up points that could be redeemed for purchases in one of the pharmacies, for example.”

And what’s ahead for the Enacomm-MCN partnership? The Department of Health is now looking to use the IVR as a springboard for other programs. “Among the initiatives underway is the creation of text and smartphone apps for submitting prescription refill requests. Coffey hopes to be able to launch those apps in a few months.”

At the end of the piece, the “Payoff” of the IVR that Enacomm created for the Muscogee Creek Nation Department of Health is summarized:

  • fielded more than 5,000 prescription refills per week that would have previously been handled manually;
  • saved local pharmacies hundreds of personnel hours each month in voicemail transcribing and data entry; and/p>
  • lowered the number of calls that need to be transferred to live pharmacy employees.

To learn more about the functions of Enacomm’s hosted solution for MCN that’s available 24/7, read the article online here.