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Switch from Reactive to Proactive Customer Service with Enacomm’s Dynamic Decisioning Solution

Customer Service Investigator recently published an insightful, informative piece that lays out a goal that all organizations should shoot for: switch from reactive to proactive customer service. From the article:

For many businesses, the default approach to customer service is to respond to problems as they arise. This reactive method might satisfy the customer, but it won’t surprise or delight them. Instead, imagine if you could solve problems before customers had to call you. Or even better, if you could address issues before they even became aware of them. This proactive approach to support is not only possible, it’s profitable.

CSI is right. To make this possible, Enacomm has developed a Dynamic Decisioning Solution that analyzes customer behaviors to anticipate customer needs. Not only does this help reduce costs and increase revenues, but it elevates customer loyalty and retention with top-notch customer service. Imagine this:

A high-value ISP customer with a history of service problems suffers a high-speed Internet service outage. Dynamic Decisioning Solution proactively initiates a credit to the customer’s account, then generates both an email and an automated outbound IVR call apologizing for the outage and notifying the customer of the credit. Next door, a low-value customer receives only an email apology for the outage—no account credit and no phone call.

According to a recent Enkata report, preemptive service can reduce call volumes by as much as 30%, while increasing customer retention rates by 3 to 5%. What does preemptive service look like? It’s identifying service issues and driving proactive outbound notifications by email, outbound IVR calls or SMS messages – in some cases, before customers are even aware of an issue.

Enacomm’s Dynamic Decisioning Solution enables more speedy and efficient interactions, because agents and store employee are equipped with important contextual information to help them understand a customer’s frame of mind and probable reason for calling. Channel containment also becomes more effective, with personalized content in the IVR and on the web eliminating the need to connect with an agent. Contacts handled in automation are as little as a tenth of the cost of agent-handled calls!

One of the six tips CSI offers to “start wowing your customers with a successful proactive customer service strategy” is to “Announce Mistakes Before Customers Find Out.” Here’s how Enacomm’s Dynamic Decisioning would make this possible in an example scenario:

When a high-value cable customer with three recent calls to customer support and an existing open service request places a call, it is routed by the IVR to a trained save desk agent, where a proactive screen pop allows the agent to begin the call by apologizing for recent problems, and offering a wireless headset as a retention incentive.

To read CSI’s other five tips, click here. And our team would be happy to discuss how Enacomm’s Dynamic Decisioning Solution can help your organization “make the switch.”

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HR / Prepaid On-Boarding Headaches? Call Enacomm

What challenges do you face in the new customer on-boarding process for document verification?

If you are involved with payroll and care about I-9 validation or if you are operating in the prepaid stored value space and deal with document verification and validation, Enacomm can help.

Enacomm will be exhibiting at the upcoming Money2020 conference to be held October 6-10 — less than a month away! If you are attending Money2020, be sure to stop by Booth 104 to see us demonstrate efficiency-optimizing solutions that will save your organization time and money.

An example of one way Enacomm can help take your company to the next level, this recent guest article on dynamic decisioning from Enacomm Founder and CEO Michael Boukadakis may be of key interest: http://www.destinationcrm.com/Articles/Web-Exclusives/Viewpoints/The-Power-of-Dynamic-Decisioning-91703.aspx

DestinationCRM Publishes Article by Enacomm CEO Mike Boukadakis


DestinationCRM, which focuses on providing Customer Relationship Management product and service information to leaders engaged in the development of customer-centric business initiatives and ventures, today published a guest article by Enacomm CEO Mike Boukadakis. In the 900-word piece, titled “The Power of Dynamic Decisioning,” Boukadakis shares his expert guidance on how dynamic decisioning solutions can help reduce costs, increase revenue and improve customer loyalty and retention.

From the op-ed:

All consumers want to feel that they are special. Thanks to advanced interactive technologies, organizations across all industries can capitalize on dynamic decisioning solutions to give their customers that feeling with every interaction and build brand loyalty in the process. What makes this possible? Providing contact center agents and store employees with real-time access to personalized customer information and other intelligent data.

In addition to improving customer loyalty and retention, dynamic decisioning can help organizations increase revenue through more effective targeting of upsell and cross-sell offers and more consistent purchases of value-added services. Costs can be reduced by limiting offers made to “lower value” customers, identifying customer issues during agent and retail interactions to improve efficiency, and sending outbound notifications proactively to curtail inbound calls.

Later in the piece Boukadakis provides an example of dynamic decisioning in action:

A health insurance subscriber who has recently submitted a large claim for reimbursement receives an automated outbound email notifying him the claim has been received and that he will receive a second email when it has been processed—preventing a call to the contact center.

To support his assertions, Boukadakis closes out the piece pointing to studies by customer management company Convergys that have demonstrated loyal customers consume more products and services and contribute more revenue to enterprises they hold in high regard.

To read the whole thing, go to http://www.destinationcrm.com/Articles/Web-Exclusives/Viewpoints/The-Power-of-Dynamic-Decisioning-91703.aspx.

Enacomm would be happy to discuss how dynamic decisioning and intelligent interactions can streamline customer service for your organization. Give us a call at 877-860-0025.