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Get a Unified View of Customer Data and Deliver Intelligent Interactions with Enacomm

The number of digital and physical channels utilized by consumers has multiplied along with technological advances. That’s why it’s never been more important for organizations to incorporate their contact centers into a multi-modal strategy that interconnects the array of customer touch-points. Adopting this approach is key to delivering a seamless experience, regardless of the customer’s channel of choice.

Aberdeen Group, a research firm focused on helping business leaders across different industries improve their performance, has long been exploring the importance of eliminating customer contact silos with an integrated system. Last year, Aberdeen found that the top omni-channel pressure is to meet customer expectations for a similar experience regardless of the contact channel—people want to be able to count on a positive experience, whether they use their smartphone or reach out via the web. To meet this expectation, 46% of all survey respondents in Aberdeen’s May 2013 Omni-Channel data set indicated that their top strategic action would be to improve the omni-channel customer experience by creating a centralized view of customer data.

Sharing information across interaction channels and offering consumers multiple ways to find solutions helps prevent frustrating road-blocks. From the web to social media to the IVR, consumers are no longer limited to one channel or gadget for engaging with organizations. Because people expect easy and immediate answers, the same way they expect on-demand access to information—anytime, anywhere, on any digital device—customer self-service is now the cool kid on the block. Although it’s a key piece of the multi-modal pie, only half of organizations currently have a self-service program in place, according to Aberdeen Group. The Enacomm team specializes in customer self-service applications and services that enable multimodal, intelligent customer interactions. We can help you implement a self-service strategy to improve retention and reduce service delivery costs.

How? Enacomm’s 4Cast™ is a hosted CRM product that automates intelligent customer interactions, predicts future behavior, and conducts targeted messaging campaigns. It joins together information across channels allowing organizations to offer a personalized experience. 4Cast tracks customers’ activities and anticipates their needs in real-time. Using an advanced decisioning engine, it researches hundreds of data points and accesses dozens of business policies to provide an exceptional customer self-service experience—all while aggressively conducting ongoing marketing and retention campaigns that are unique for each customer. 4Cast is that special X factor for winning in the customer service race.

“Omni-channel Customer Care: Empowered Customers Demand a Seamless Experience,” a fall 2013 report from Aberdeen Group, revealed organizations that put an omni-channel strategy in place report 91 percent greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to those that don’t. Integrated and aligned technology, processes and systems are the foundation for consistency across all contact channels. Enacomm can help you make this a reality with an enterprise-wide policy management solution that unites interaction channels and adapts to changing customer dynamics in real-time. Give us a call at 877-860-0025 and ask for Sales to learn more.

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