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Tulsa World Publishes “5 Questions with David Jackson of Enacomm”

With a focus on AI-based conversational banking, Tulsa World recently conducted a Q&A with David Jackson, Chief Operating Officer of Enacomm. Conversational banking allows bank customers and credit union members to use devices ranging from smartphones to digital assistants like the Amazon Alexa and the sound of their voice to conduct almost any financial transaction.

Below are the five questions the newspaper asked:

1. Can you describe Enacomm and the services you provide?

2. How have advances in technology impacted your business, and what have you done to stay on top of new trends?

3. Talk about your shift away from customers in health care, utilities and retail in order to focus on banks and credit unions. What led to that decision?

4. How can financial institutions in Tulsa benefit from conversational banking?

5. How has Tulsa’s business landscape changed since the company was started?

Click here to head on over to Tulsa World and read David’s answers!