Enacomm to Elevate Bank Independent Customer Experience with AI Assisted Banking

Bank Independent customers will soon be able to safely and securely access their bank account information and conduct financial transactions in real-time with only the sound of their voices. Enacomm is adding artificial intelligence (AI) assisted banking to the list of products and services it delivers to Bank Independent, which includes a hosted, dynamic interactive voice response (IVR) solution.

“AI assisted banking is a natural extension of Enacomm’s intelligent self-service solution for Bank Independent, particularly as the popularity of Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Home is rapidly climbing,” commented Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis. “Enacomm’s data analytics tool (4CAST) is already plugged into Bank Independent’s core provider making individualized, intelligent customer voice interactions via speech-activated assistant devices immediately possible.”

Enacomm’s products and services work with financial institutions’ core providers. Bank Independent’s adoption of AI assisted banking will further integrate with its existing use of ViA®, a powerful analytics tool that improves the IVR experience, as well as an Enacomm-hosted dashboard that maximizes IVR capabilities and unifies customer communications across all interaction channels.

“Smartly applying data intelligence helps us to meet our commitment of providing an engaging customer experience, which is key to customer satisfaction,” explained Kelly Burdette, VP Electronic Delivery at Bank Independent. “Enacomm provides us with modern technology to meet our customers’ demands for convenience and security, enhanced by advanced data analytics to exceed their expectations for personalization.”

Bank Independent will roll out Enacomm’s AI assistant banking technology in early 2018 for conducting secure transactions and accessing financial account information, allowing customers to review transactions, receive information about their checking and savings accounts, and more.

To further combat security concerns, Bank Independent will be evaluating Enacomm’s biometric technology, which can authenticate customers using the company’s secure voice biometrics solution Enacomm Voice Authentication (EVA). More reliable than fingerprint scanning, EVA enables real-time member identification with a 99.99% success rate and adds the most crucial security layer for multi-factor authentication. In combination with EVA, Enacomm uses a custom security code to prevent unauthorized voice access. All transactions are encrypted and no one – not even the cloud providers of the Virtual Personal Assistants – can access them.

“Enacomm is excited to give Bank Independent customers another preferred channel to quickly and easily find answers to their simple questions,” added Boukadakis. “This allows customer service representatives, in person and by phone, to focus more on the customer and create deeper relationships.”

Enacomm will be demoing AI assisted banking at Booth 446 at JAC 2017, the Jack (Henry) Annual Conference in Nashville, TN, October 16-19, 2017.