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Enacomm and CallVU Partner to Bring Innovative, Digital Customer Engagement to Financial Institutions in North America

With smartphone penetration getting closer to 80% of the mobile market in the United States, banks, credit unions, and payments companies now have the opportunity to tap into an era of digital service for calling customers. Enacomm has struck a partnership with CallVU, the market leader in Digital Engagement Solutions. Together, they will empower businesses to drive calling customers to digital self-service, significantly improving operational efficiency and customer experience.

“Enacomm is pushing the envelope with financial services technology that will transform today’s banking into an experience fit for future generations,” commented Baker. “I’m excited to introduce banks, credit unions and credit card companies to Enacomm’s intelligent customer self-service solutions that reduce costs while improving customer retention.”

CallVU’s platform expands self-service with mobile digital engagement, diverting customers from voice calls to digital self-service. With CallVU, organizations can maximize the efficiency of digital assets, such as existing mobile and website apps, and serve them to callers during a live call. This will open new revenue streams, achieve more digital usage, reduce costs and enable faster service resolution.

CallVU’s out-of-the-box integration with Enacomm enables financial institutions to naturally extend their IVR proposition into a digital experience in a rapid time to market, leveraging profound IT implementation benefits.

“The businesses we serve today are continuously seeking to improve their operations and to elevate customer experience,” said Michael Boukadakis, Enacomm’s Chief Executive Officer. “We found CallVU to be the right partner to extend the IVR journey into an omni-channel experience with its Visual IVR capabilities.” Boukadakis added that, “many of the largest and most sophisticated enterprises still offer an IVR experience that hasn’t changed much since it was introduced more than 20 years ago. We anticipate that the integrated CallVU-Enacomm solution will dramatically advance the service level and the profitability of our customers in North America.”

“We are proud to partner with a key industry player like Enacomm that embraces Intelligent Customer Self-Service as its long-term vision,” said Ori Faran, founder and CEO of CallVU. “With Enacomm’s impressive customer base in the financial industry and beyond, and CallVU’s innovative Omni-Channel technology, millions of US banking customers will now enjoy a richer, more productive customer experience.”

Existing Enacomm customers and new customers can now upgrade their customer experience with CallVU Mobile Digital Engagement. To find out more, click here.