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Media Round-Up: Oklahoma Edition

Three prominent Oklahoma publications recently cast a spotlight on Enacomm and the rollout of its Fraud Control Module, which is a customizable platform that allows the creation of unique rules within the IVR that systematically root out potential fraud. First, Tulsa World published the story, “Tulsa company handles calls to country’s biggest financial firms.” The piece takes a closer look at how Enacomm helps organizations improve their customer self-service with intelligent interactions. From the article:

“During a power outage or storm, people like to call and check their bank account. Lunch time is a frequent time to check, too.

Those are some of the insights that Enacomm, a Tulsa-based financial services company, gets from handling most of the calls to those banks.

As you’ve probably suspected, the dial-in voice recognition system from your bank isn’t owned by your bank, but instead by a financial services company they employ. Enacomm is one such provider.

The company’s orange logo sits atop one of the random high-rises that tower over Interstate 44 near the 41st Street exit. Enacomm sits up there on the 13th floor, too. Thirty-three employees perform the duties that allow the firm to handle 30 million calls a month.

For customers such as Mastercard, U.S. Bank and American Express — some of the largest financial firms in the country — Enacomm is the line of last resort.

Next, Tulsa Business & Legal News ran an in-depth story by Larry Levy, titled “Tulsa based Enacomm, Inc. answers need for voice recognition technology.” The article highlights the unique capabilities offered by Enacomm’s Fraud Control Module. An excerpt:

“In recent years Jackson said Enacomm has been able to provide clients with a fraud detection service to prevent money laundering, counterfeit card use and using stolen pay cards, the latter being used more and more by low pay companies.

“You can detect a fair amount of fraudulent behavior,” he said.

Fraud detection is something new and Jackson said “pretty exclusive” to Enacomm.

Finally, throughout the recent Journal Record article “Bankers adapt to new threats with every new technology,” contributor Michael Clements threads insight from Enacomm COO David Jackson. If you have a subscription to the Journal Record, read Jackson’s thoughts on how big data can be used to fight financial crime.

To learn more about Enacomm’s Fraud Control Module, click here. Have questions? Give the Enacomm team a call at 1-877-860-0025.