Enacomm Quoted in InformationWeek Feature on Self-Service Data Analytics

InformationWeek logoLisa Morgan recently compiled “11 Tips For Successful Self-Service BI And Analytics” for an InformationWeek slideshow. The feature sheds light on how more people within an organization can gain insight from data and harness that information to compete.

Enacomm’s David Anderson is quoted in the multi-part article on how to “Manage Change Mindfully.” From the slideshow:

Regardless of how hard or easy tools are to use, no tool is a substitute for thinking. To get the most out of investments, organizations should make employees aware of the tools available to them, of what they can do, and of how they benefit both the user and the company.

“Lack of training is a big issue. People need to know what they can do with data,” said David Anderson, CMO of intelligent customer service solution provider Enacomm, in an interview. “People need to talk about it every day, every week: what this data means, the root causes for changes in the data, and the ability to update business processes.”

The companies wringing the most value from their self-service BI and analytics investments are integrating the use of such systems into everyday business processes. Enabling all of that typically requires technological and cultural change management.

Throughout the slideshow, Lisa also provides 10 more useful, detailed tips. The 11 pointers that Lisa shares include:

1. Lead by Example
2. Iterate
3. Keep an Open Mind
4. Actionable Insights Matter
5. Transparency Is Important
6. One Size Doesn’t Fit All
7. Manage Change Mindfully
8. Minimize Anarchy
9. Consider Reusability
10. Don’t Forget Scalability
11. The UI May Change

For an in-depth explanation of each helpful guideline, click here to view the entire InformationWeek slideshow. To learn more about Enacomm’s 4Cast, which researches hundreds of data points and accesses dozens of business policies to provide an exceptional customer self-service experience, give us a call at 1-877-860-0025 or email sales@enacomm.net.

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