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Enacomm COO Pens Pay Op-Ed for Paybefore on Advancing Customer Self-Service


Enacomm Chief Operating Officer David Jackson recently penned a Pay Op-ed for Paybefore on unlocking the power of IVR data. The piece, “A Modern Magnifying Glass for IVR Performance,” paints a picture of how advanced analytics tools are “enabling organizations to learn more about the effectiveness of customer self-service applications than ever before.” Here are three lessons that Jackson shares in the article, learned from building customer self-service solutions for prepaid companies and financial institutions:

  1. Log, analyze and remediate all types of IVR errors.

According to Jackson, “Next-generation analytics tools can identify at what point customer calls into the IVR experience issues and rank the top error types and locations. Thanks to advanced error-tracking, changes can quickly be made to smooth out frustrations in the IVR customer experience.”

  1. Regular IVR KPI reports enhance a real-time data dashboard.

From the piece: “While an “always-on” dashboard is useful for monitoring real-time IVR performance, a regularly scheduled, automatically generated report can make it simple for all stakeholders to keep a pulse on customer self-service. Key performance indicators (KPI), such as average call length and error, containment and authentication rates, can be distributed on a regular basis—without any human effort—enabling prepaid companies to continually monitor overall IVR health and identify trends.”

  1. Applying advanced analytics to call data is one of the best ways to rout out fraud.

Jackson explains, “Fraud control functions that continually analyze all self-service call records for fraudulent behavior can systematically prevent the wrongful financial gain of criminals. To flag suspicious activity, rules related to PIN changes, number of cards per individual, authentication failures and more can be implemented in the IVR system.”

To read Jackson’s full Viewpoints article on Paybefore’s site, click here. And to learn how Enacomm’s ViA 3400 can provide an accurate view of your company’s customer self-service, give Enacomm a call at 1-877-860-0025 – ask for Mike Kirk.