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Enacomm Offers Answer to White House’s Card Security Concerns

The White House is bringing down the hammer on fraudsters. This month, President Obama officially nominated Loretta Lynch to be his next attorney general – and she is TOUGH on cybercrime. In fact, one of her biggest cases was the prosecution of hackers who allegedly stole $45 million from ATMs throughout 27 countries in an enormous bank heist. A federal prosecutor in New York, Lynch is responsible for expanding her office’s leading national security practice into the area of cybersecurity. When Obama announced Lynch’s nomination at the White House, he gave her kudos for “aggressively” fighting illegal activities exploiting the Internet and other computer networks.

To boot, in October President Obama signed an executive order for “Improving the Security of Consumer Financial Transactions”. The order will require all credit cards issued to government employees and used for official purchases to be armed with Chip-and-PIN technology, which is more secure than Chip-and-signature technology that most issuers and merchants are adopting in compliance with EMV mandates imposed by the major card networks.

According to CardNotPresent, the “president said he was working with companies like American Express, Home Depot, Target, Visa, Walgreen’s and Walmart to ensure private sector action making Chip-and-PIN enabled terminals available everywhere.” With data breaches making headlines in recent years, mounting public pressure already prompted many companies to get on board with the transition to EMV to protect their customers, their assets and their reputations.

In conjunction with the above, a war against identity theft is being waged. The White House is seeking to enhance, to improve information sharing and coordination around fraud attacks, and to put on a cybersecurity and consumer-protection summit.

The President also put in a good word for multi-factor authentication. For online security, he’s called upon the National Security Council staff, the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and OMB to come up with a plan by early 2015 “to ensure that all agencies making personal data accessible to citizens through digital applications require the use of multiple factors of authentication and an effective identity proofing process.”

Enacomm is ready to answer this call with multi-factor authentication that utilizes voice biometrics and enables mobile knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to safeguard against fraud:

  • eKBA (Enacomm Knowledge-Based Authentication) is the best mobile product available to help organizations authenticate their customers and activate their accounts in real-time. The perfect choice for fraud prevention, eKBA provides a non-intrusive, positive customer experience and is compliant with FFIEC guidance, the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, USA Patriot Act, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.
  • Eva’s (Enacomm Voice Authentication) voice biometrics are proven methods of identification — perfect for multi-layered authentication systems. Utilization of voice biometrics is more reliable than fingerprinting and is used by government intelligence agencies worldwide. While PINs and other authentication data can be breached, a customer’s voice cannot be compromised or stolen.

Cybercrime has relentlessly challenged consumer confidence, private sector success and government patience. To learn how Enacomm can help your organization guard against fraud, reach out to us at 1-877-860-0025 or




Mobile ID World Posts Video of Enacomm CEO Discussing Voice Biometrics at Money20/20

At Money20/20 last week, Mobile ID World asked Enacomm CEO Mike Boukadakis to share more info about Enacomm’s new products that harness voice biometrics. In the video below, Mike discusses the future use of the technology that allows individuals to be uniquely identified by their voices:

I think what you’ll be able to see in the next few months and upcoming years is the adoption of voice biometrics in not only financial transactions, but everyday transactions. You may utilize it to turn on lights at your house, or to start your car, or to buy coffee at Starbucks.

Enacomm Voice Authentication (EVA) allows organizations to authenticate and protect customers using voice biometrics. EVA’s voice biometrics are proven methods of identification — perfect for multi-layered authentication systems. EVA offers better defense against fraud than PINs or static security questions. While PINs and other authentication data can be breached, a customer’s voice cannot be compromised or stolen. In fact, voice biometrics are more reliable than IDing with fingerprints.

If you would like to receive more information or schedule a product demonstration, give Enacomm a call at 1-877-860-0025 or send a note to You can also access a self-directed demonstration by downloading instructions here.

Enacomm Makes Headlines at Money20/20 with Card Security Technology

This past week at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, Enacomm joined the FinTech industry to explore the future of innovation in money. Leading the way with card security technology, Enacomm exhibited two next-generation products that are changing the way financial institutions authenticate their customers.

The perfect choice for fraud prevention, eKBA (Enacomm Knowledge Based Authentication) is the best mobile browser product available to help organizations authenticate their customers and activate their accounts in real-time. Enacomm also unveiled Enacomm Voice Authentication (EVA), which employs voice biometrics, a proven method of identification.

On Monday, we announced that RushCard is relying on Enacomm to enhance cardholder security with the help of eKBA and EVA. RushCard is a prepaid card that revolutionized the payments industry when it was launched in 2003. On Tuesday, it was revealed that IDology’s must-have technology has been fully integrated with eKBA, a new partnership that takes out-of-wallet authentication to the next level. IDology is a leading provider of on-demand identity verification and fraud prevention solutions for anyone conducting business in a customer-not-present environment.

In addition to wowing all attendees with exciting new technologies that are driving the evolution of customer interactions, Enacomm wowed three attendees with exciting new technology for their briefcases. During the show, Enacomm gave away Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets to three lucky winners.

Use the hashtag #Money2020 on Twitter for an event recap of the three action-packed days. And to learn how your organization can utilize advance Knowledge-Based Authentication and voice biometrics to protect your business and your customers against fraud, drop us a line at or give us a call at 1-877-860-0025.

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