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Paybefore Publishes Guest Article from Enacomm COO

paybefore logoWriting for Paybefore, whose publications are “the leading source of industry information for alternative payments executives,” Enacomm’s own Chief Operating Officer David Jackson explains in a guest article how organizations can link interaction channels to better connect with customers. First highlighting how touchpoints have proliferated with the evolution of technology, “Intelligent Interactions Improve Customer Service, Boost Loyalty” provides guidance on how brands can boost customer care and require less effort from patrons. From the op-ed:

The IVR—and all other customer touch points—should be looped into every other customer interaction to serve customers more efficiently and save them the headache of rehashing the same information again and again.

By sharing data across channels to require less effort from customers and improving service, you’re more likely to have less frustrated, more loyal customers. According to CEB Research, 96 percent of customers who had a high-effort service experience reported being disloyal, compared to only 9 percent of customers who reported a low-effort experience.

How can companies take their customer relationship management (CRM) to the next level to stay competitive? Jackson recommends an enterprise-wide policy management engine. This “dynamic decisioning” recognizes customer interactions across all channels and responds accordingly, regardless of the channel the customer uses.

From the article:

Bringing together interaction channels with a dynamic decisioning solution can vastly improve the customer experience by optimizing and adapting to changing customer behavior in real-time. And thanks to data analytics, you can not only adapt based on recent customer activity, but you can often anticipate a customer’s needs based on consistent, repeated behavior over the long-term.

To help paint a picture of how intelligently relating to customers can improve loyalty, Jackson gives a prepaid-specific example:

A customer activates his or her prepaid card. The first time he or she calls for self-service or to speak with an operator, a message plays that says, “Thanks for activating your card. Sign up for direct deposit within seven days, and we’ll credit your account $10.” It’s a win-win: The customer appreciates the message tailored to his or her situation and the opportunity to earn cash, and you secure his or her regular business.

Be sure to check out Jackson’s entire article here for more valuable information on using predictive analytics in omnichannel. And Enacomm is just a phone call away at 877-860-0025 for help with questions.

Enacomm Partner Takes the Gold in Paybefore Awards Category

up visa

Banking Up, a partner of Enacomm and leading online and mobile financial services company, was named a winner in the eighth annual Paybefore Awards for its UPside Visa Prepaid Card. Banking Up swept the competition in the “Consumer Champion” category.

Enacomm recently announced that it deployed a hosted, self-service interactive voice response (IVR) solution for Banking Up. Enacomm’s analytics software allows Banking Up’s internal database to be utilized to create intelligent interactions, optimizing the customer call experience through an adaptive decisioning engine driven by real-time access to customer data.

In their eighth year, the Paybefore Awards have “conferred the most prestigious recognition of excellence in the worldwide prepaid, mobile and emerging payments industry. The awards are presented annually by Paybefore, whose publications are the leading source of industry information for alternative payments executives.”

According to Banking Up’s news release, the “UPside Visa Prepaid Card was selected by a panel of five industry experts who served as judges for this year’s competition, which—once again—included a record number of entries from around the world.”

From Patrice Peyret, CEO of Banking Up:

“We are particularly proud to have been named a winner in the Consumer Champion category, as it rewards our consistent efforts to differentiate by being a virtuous market player. Large banks are still not making headlines by putting their customers first. Meanwhile, in 2013, UPside cardholders became able to deposit checks from home or from work using their mobile phones, and started hearing mid-Western accents when calling our newly on-shored customer support service center.”

To learn more, go to Congratulations, Banking Up!