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Enacomm Head Interviewed by Indian Country Today about MCN Partnership

Indian Country logoEnacomm Founder and CEO Mike Boukadakis was recently interviewed by the news outlet Indian Country Today, which offers essential Native American news and information. The discussion centered on Enacomm’s partnership with the Muscogee Creek Nation (MCN) Department of Health, one of the largest tribal health systems in Oklahoma. The organization asked Enacomm to help solve the challenge of increasing call volumes in MCN’s pharmacies. Stemming from the discussion, the article (“Muscogee Creek Nation Meets Growing Pharmacy Needs Through Bilingual, Self-Refill App“) surfaced today and gives a closer look at Enacomm’s tailor-made solution for the Muscogee people. From the article:

A new, automated prescription refill system has made time management much easier for Muscogee Creek pharmacy staff.

Nearly a year ago, the tribe tapped Enacomm, a leader in interactive voice response technology, to help the Muscogee Creek Nation Department of Health manage their increasingly high call volumes.

As noted in the story, MCN’s pharmacy receives roughly 5,000 calls per week. Boukadakis explains:

“The issue they had was the pharmacy staff being inundated with people calling,” Michael Boukadakis, founder and chief executive officer of Enacomm, told Indian Country Today Media Network. “They were always on the phone taking reorders,” or listening to voice messages to input refills. “The staff loves [the new system],” he said.

Enacomm even made it possible for MCN to offer the automated prescription refill service in both English and the Mvskoke language – and “tribal members are taking advantage of their Native language option.” From Boukadakis:

“We’re seeing 10 to 20 percent of the population actually choosing the [Mvskoke] language option,” Boukadakis told ICTMN. He noted Enacomm does not measure the age or other specific demographics of the individuals using the touchtone prescription refill system, but he deduces that tribal elders are most likely the ones opting for the Mvskoke language. “This gives me satisfaction,” he said. “When parents are going, ‘I can’t use these stupid computers or smart phones,’ it’s nice to have technology that elderly feel comfortable utilizing. It gives me great gratification to not only be helping the whole tribe but a specific group….”

Boukadakis goes on to share that the average number of prescriptions each person refills is five, which means Enacomm’s technology to self-refill saves quite a bit of time. According to Boukadakis, “You can take care of the whole process with one call.” And reception has been great. “We’re seeing a low percentage of people who actually transfer [to speak to pharmacy personnel],” added Boukadakis.

To read Indian Country Today’s full article, click here. And to learn about more ways that Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can be used to better serve your customers, give us a call at 877-860-0025.

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Switch from Reactive to Proactive Customer Service with Enacomm’s Dynamic Decisioning Solution

Customer Service Investigator recently published an insightful, informative piece that lays out a goal that all organizations should shoot for: switch from reactive to proactive customer service. From the article:

For many businesses, the default approach to customer service is to respond to problems as they arise. This reactive method might satisfy the customer, but it won’t surprise or delight them. Instead, imagine if you could solve problems before customers had to call you. Or even better, if you could address issues before they even became aware of them. This proactive approach to support is not only possible, it’s profitable.

CSI is right. To make this possible, Enacomm has developed a Dynamic Decisioning Solution that analyzes customer behaviors to anticipate customer needs. Not only does this help reduce costs and increase revenues, but it elevates customer loyalty and retention with top-notch customer service. Imagine this:

A high-value ISP customer with a history of service problems suffers a high-speed Internet service outage. Dynamic Decisioning Solution proactively initiates a credit to the customer’s account, then generates both an email and an automated outbound IVR call apologizing for the outage and notifying the customer of the credit. Next door, a low-value customer receives only an email apology for the outage—no account credit and no phone call.

According to a recent Enkata report, preemptive service can reduce call volumes by as much as 30%, while increasing customer retention rates by 3 to 5%. What does preemptive service look like? It’s identifying service issues and driving proactive outbound notifications by email, outbound IVR calls or SMS messages – in some cases, before customers are even aware of an issue.

Enacomm’s Dynamic Decisioning Solution enables more speedy and efficient interactions, because agents and store employee are equipped with important contextual information to help them understand a customer’s frame of mind and probable reason for calling. Channel containment also becomes more effective, with personalized content in the IVR and on the web eliminating the need to connect with an agent. Contacts handled in automation are as little as a tenth of the cost of agent-handled calls!

One of the six tips CSI offers to “start wowing your customers with a successful proactive customer service strategy” is to “Announce Mistakes Before Customers Find Out.” Here’s how Enacomm’s Dynamic Decisioning would make this possible in an example scenario:

When a high-value cable customer with three recent calls to customer support and an existing open service request places a call, it is routed by the IVR to a trained save desk agent, where a proactive screen pop allows the agent to begin the call by apologizing for recent problems, and offering a wireless headset as a retention incentive.

To read CSI’s other five tips, click here. And our team would be happy to discuss how Enacomm’s Dynamic Decisioning Solution can help your organization “make the switch.”

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Native News Network Highlights Enacomm-Muscogee Nation Partnership

MCN Dept HealthIn case you missed it, this week Enacomm announced that the Muscogee Creek Nation (MCN) Department of Health, one of the largest tribal health systems in Oklahoma, has tapped Enacomm for help in more efficiently utilizing its resources and better serving the Muscogee people.

Native News Network has published a story on the partnership, titled “Muscogee Creek Nation Dept of Health Tackles Growing Pharmacy Needs”. As explained in the article:

 Due to the rapid growth of health care needs across the Muscogee Creek population, MCN pharmacy personnel were no longer able to effectively manage increasing call volumes. Workers could not answer all calls, resulting in customers being forced to leave voicemails that MCN employees would work through as time became available. Callers into the pharmacies afterhours had no choice but to leave voicemail messages that were tackled by MCN personnel at the beginning of each morning.

But thanks to Enacomm, more than 5,000 prescription refills per week are being submitted by MCN’s prescription-refill interactive voice response (IVR) that previously would have been performed manually by MCN personnel. From Muscogee Creek Nation Department of Health Administrator Sid Daniel:

“Enacomm’s realtime, prescription-ordering solution greatly enhances the MCN customer ordering experience, in addition to saving our local pharmacies hundreds of personnel hours each month in voicemail transcribing and data entry.”

The MCN application even supports callers who wish to interact in their native Creek language: “Hesci Mvskoke Etvlwv heleswv vpohetv vrvkv tos” (Welcome to the Muscogee Creek Nation automated prescription refill system).

The prescription-refill solution is available 24/7, provides the operating hours for each of the pharmacies, and gives the option to have refilled prescriptions mailed to the customer instead of being picked up at one of the health care centers. Callers are also able to transfer to a pharmacy of their choice at any time to speak with pharmacy personnel.

Enacomm has helped other tribes overcome different challenges using technology, as well. To learn more, give us a call at 877-860-0025.

Didn’t Win A Tablet? Enacomm Can Still Help You Win in Business

And we have a (third) winner! Christopher with Twilio, a cloud communications company that lets you use standard web languages to build voice, VoIP and SMS applications via a web API, took home the third Microsoft Surface RT tablet that Enacomm gave away at this year’s Money2020 conference is Las Vegas.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to come by our booth to introduce yourself and check out how Enacomm can help your organization cut costs, increase revenues, and improve customer loyalty and retention. At Money2020, for example, the Enacomm team used a prototype-level solution to demonstrate the automation of key steps in the customer on-boarding process by:

  • Scanning an ID document
  • Automatically requesting additional info through a web or IVR application
  • Completing the confirmation process

Whether you are in the prepaid/cash card world or the financial, health care or utilities industries, we would welcome the opportunity to share how Enacomm can enable you to achieve greater levels of organizational efficiency that improve your bottom line. Give us a call at 877-860-0025.


Winner 3 - Christopher Eldred - twilio

They DO Exist…One More Winner to Go at Money2020!

The Enacomm team has greatly valued the opportunity to meet so many key players in the payments, financial services, retail, mobile, marketing and data & technology spaces at Money2020 - but it’s not over yet! Make it a point to check us out at Booth #104. We’ve already given away two free Microsoft Surface tablets to the lucky folks below, but there’s still one more tablet to win and a few more hours to enter!



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There’s Still Time! Come See The Enacomm Team at Money2020

Come see the Enacomm team at Money2020, the “world’s premier destination for emerging payments and financial services organizations.” The tradeshow is taking place at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas through this Thursday.

Enacomm is exhibiting at Booth 104 for the conference’s 4,250 attendees. The team would be happy to discuss its solutions for GPR programs, loyalty, personalized interactions, automated ID verification and enterprise content management. Stop by and check out our demo.

We’re also giving away a PC tablet a day – two more days to win!

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Intelligent Customer Interactions (See You in Vegas This Week!)

Starting tomorrow, Enacomm will be giving away a PC tablet each day during the Money2020 conference! Come by Booth 104 for a chance to win one of three (3) Microsoft Surface RT tablets, which will be gifted on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You can enter the giveaway once per day.

Why the Microsoft Surface Tablet? It’s known for being “productive and efficient”, just like Enacomm-designed solutions for optimizing customer interactions.

To learn more, check out this TMCnet article on Intelligent Interactions from Enacomm Founder and CEO Michael Boukadakis:

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