TOOK Me Out to the Ballgame!

It was a great day at the ballpark for Enacomm’s Annual Tulsa Drillers Family Event – love all these smiles!Enacomm Tulsa Drillers Event

Enacomm is committed to fostering a fulfilling work environment and creating a promising career path for employees. The organization offers competitive salaries and benefits, including:

  • Health insurance including medical and dental with optional vision
  • Paid vacation
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • 401(k)
  • Disability & life insurance
  • Bereavement, jury duty, and military service leave
  • Employee recruitment incentives

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Enacomm CEO Writes Main Feature Article for logo


In a new piece for, Enacomm CEO Mike Boukadakis urges banks, credit unions and card companies to recognize a key dynamic: “Millennials Are Setting the Consumer-Experience Bar in Banking.”

From the article:

The overall strategy of the financial and payment industries must evolve to meet the wants and needs of Millennials—the largest demographic group in the U.S.—as was done for their elders. In years past, these industries were forced to adapt to the demands of new adults in earlier generations by implementing technologies to fit their lifestyles. Financial organizations should embrace young adults’ desires for speed, convenience and security, and develop products and services that meet their expectations.

As Boukadakis points out, new media—on-demand access to content anytime, anywhere, on any digital device—is the only media for many Millennials. This has created expectations for immediate information, which calls for a diverse digital approach when developing banking and payments technology and services.

What does this create? Flexibility. “Banks, credit unions and payment companies need to invest in technology—cloud apps, call center technology, mobile security—to meet consumers where they are with customer service,” according to Boukadakis. “To provide a superior consumer experience for all ages, modern technology that enables intelligently personalized and multi-modal interactions with customers is crucial.”

An omnichannel approach to customer service, one that links all interaction channels, is needed to optimize and adapt to changing customer dynamics in real-time. Sharing information across interaction channels and offering consumers multiple ways to find answers will ensure they don’t run into dead-ends.

According to Boukadakis, predictive analytics is key to streamlining multimodal customer service and meeting the expectations of the modern consumer, which are increasingly being shaped by Millennials. With the latest technology, data can be utilized to anticipate individual patrons’ needs, allowing organizations to resolve issues faster and with less effort from the consumer.

To read Boukadakis’ full article on how financial institutions can “bank on Millennials” and impress today’s consumers, click here.

Together, Enacomm Team Makes a Difference

The Enacomm team came together to make a difference this Christmas! In a joint effort, Enacomm and its employees collected more than 60 jars of peanut butter, which were donated to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

Donations were gathered under the Christmas tree in Enacomm’s lobby at the company’s headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A big thanks to everyone who participated for their generosity!

Enacomm team member Steve Bryce and his sons will be delivering the peanut butter to the Community Food Bank this week. Below is a picture of the creamy and crunchy lot, flanked by our gracious volunteers.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


Enacomm Team Finds Fun at OPA!HOMA

Enacomm got its Greek on last week! The team joined in on the fun at OPA!HOMA, Tulsa’s 56th Annual Greek Festival where ancient traditions came to life. Tulsa’s oldest ethnic festival, the event included food, drink, a Greek market, and…dancing! Click below to see a short video clip of Enacomm team members showing off their moves.


Providing a positive day-to-day environment and promising career path for employees, Enacomm is a great place to work. The organization offers the opportunity to be part of a team focused on improving and securing the customer experience in the Financial/Credit Union, Prepaid/Cash Card, Health Care and Utilities industries, through innovation. Enacomm also delivers competitive salaries and benefits, including:

  • Health insurance including medical and dental with optional vision
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Paid vacation
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • 401(k)
  • Disability & life insurance
  • Bereavement, jury duty, and military service leave
  • Employee recruitment incentives

To learn more about Enacomm and explore open positions with the company, visit our Careers page.enacomm-tulsa-greek-festival-collage Publishes Enacomm Expert Article on Preventing Bank Fraud Targeting Call Centers logo, which “covers industry news and best practices for financial services providers, such as banks and credit unions,” this week published an expert article by Enacomm COO David Jackson. Jackson’s piece, “The Biggest, Most Overlooked Channel Targeted by Financial Fraudsters,” sheds light on a security loophole that many financial organizations often overlook. From the article:

The phone channel still dominates customer service interactions. According to Microsoft’s 2016 “Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report,” telephone (81%) is the top customer service channel that US customers use on a regular basis. However, most companies have focused their security efforts on the newer channels in the multimodal mix – web and/or mobile – and haven’t employed the level(s) of security that they should with their IVR. This gap allows fraudsters to exploit the IVR, unfettered by the same constraints they would face using web banking or working with a mobile app or browser.

But banks and credit unions now have a reliable defense against fraudsters targeting their phone customer service systems:

Applying advanced analytics to call data is one of the best ways to detect and stop fraud in its tracks. Fraud control functions that continually analyze all IVR call records for fraudulent behavior and automatically apply fraud prevention rules to the caller can systematically prevent criminals’ wrong financial gain. Common indicators of fraudulent activity include PIN set or PIN change velocity, money transfer velocity, an excessive number of cards linked to an individual over a given time period, and excessive authentication failures. An effective IVR fraud prevention tool will analyze all of these patterns plus many others, including behaviors unique to each acquirer.

Today, modern technology like Enacomm’s ViA® Fraud Control Module is available to help protect banks, credit unions and card companies by fending off fraudsters who are targeting the telephone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) channel. To learn why advanced call center analytics should be an integral part of your fraud prevention strategy, reach out to the Enacomm team at 1-877-860-0025 or


Voice Authentication Gaining Steam in World of Banking

EVA logo

Via PYMNTS, U.K. bank Barclays this week announced that it will implement voice recognition technology, making phone banking more secure and easier to use for its customers. From PYMNTS:

With banks looking for new ways to enable customers to provide secure transactions, they are increasingly turning to voice recognition…

According to Barclays, the technology can identify the caller based only on their voice, which removes the need for security questions and passwords. Barclays noted that each human’s voice is as unique as their fingerprints, compromised of more than 100 characteristics based on the physical configuration of the person speaking’s mouth and throat. Because of that, the voice automation technology will be able to recognize the person based on the first few words spoken.

Voice recognition technology, with a 99.99% success rate, is one of the best protections against fraud. In fact, voice biometrics are more reliable than fingerprints and are used by government intelligence agencies world-wide.

Enacomm Voice Authentication (EVA) is an application powered by voice biometric technology that enables authentication of customers from any phone, any time. The product leads to cost savings for organizations and an exceptional service experience for customers, as call centers and customer service reps do not have to repeat account verification or identification questions, saving 20 percent or more of their time.

Barclays is embracing the next-generation of financial fraud protection for banking systems. To learn how EVA can benefit your financial institution – big or small – click here and reach out to the Enacomm team at 1-877-860-0025 or

Media Round-Up: Oklahoma Edition

Three prominent Oklahoma publications recently cast a spotlight on Enacomm and the rollout of its Fraud Control Module, which is a customizable platform that allows the creation of unique rules within the IVR that systematically root out potential fraud. First, Tulsa World published the story, “Tulsa company handles calls to country’s biggest financial firms.” The piece takes a closer look at how Enacomm helps organizations improve their customer self-service with intelligent interactions. From the article:

“During a power outage or storm, people like to call and check their bank account. Lunch time is a frequent time to check, too.

Those are some of the insights that Enacomm, a Tulsa-based financial services company, gets from handling most of the calls to those banks.

As you’ve probably suspected, the dial-in voice recognition system from your bank isn’t owned by your bank, but instead by a financial services company they employ. Enacomm is one such provider.

The company’s orange logo sits atop one of the random high-rises that tower over Interstate 44 near the 41st Street exit. Enacomm sits up there on the 13th floor, too. Thirty-three employees perform the duties that allow the firm to handle 30 million calls a month.

For customers such as Mastercard, U.S. Bank and American Express — some of the largest financial firms in the country — Enacomm is the line of last resort.

Next, Tulsa Business & Legal News ran an in-depth story by Larry Levy, titled “Tulsa based Enacomm, Inc. answers need for voice recognition technology.” The article highlights the unique capabilities offered by Enacomm’s Fraud Control Module. An excerpt:

“In recent years Jackson said Enacomm has been able to provide clients with a fraud detection service to prevent money laundering, counterfeit card use and using stolen pay cards, the latter being used more and more by low pay companies.

“You can detect a fair amount of fraudulent behavior,” he said.

Fraud detection is something new and Jackson said “pretty exclusive” to Enacomm.

Finally, throughout the recent Journal Record article “Bankers adapt to new threats with every new technology,” contributor Michael Clements threads insight from Enacomm COO David Jackson. If you have a subscription to the Journal Record, read Jackson’s thoughts on how big data can be used to fight financial crime.

To learn more about Enacomm’s Fraud Control Module, click here. Have questions? Give the Enacomm team a call at 1-877-860-0025.

Enacomm Company Outings Are a BLAST

The Enacomm family had a blast last week at the Tulsa Drillers’ Friday night game with fireworks! Enacomm hosts offsite company meetings and events that allow team members the chance to not just work together, but play together.

Enacomm aims to provide a fulfilling work environment and promising career path for employees. The organization offers the opportunity to develop with a team pioneering technologies focused on improving and securing the customer experience for companies in the Financial/Credit Union, Prepaid/Cash Card, Health Care and Utilities industries. Enacomm also promises competitive salaries and benefits, including:

  • Health insurance including medical and dental with optional vision
  • Paid vacation
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • 401(k)
  • Disability & life insurance
  • Bereavement, jury duty, and military service leave
  • Employee recruitment incentives

To find out more about Enacomm and review open positions with the company, visit our Careers page.

IMG_1630Drillers-FW LogoDrillers_FireworksDrillers_Fireworks3Drillers_Fireworks2 Publishes Expert Article from Enacomm CEO: “Bet on Biometrics in the Digital Age” logo

Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis penned a new expert article for’s recent focus on “mobile banking and banking security in a digital age.” Boukadakis’ Spotlight piece “Bet on Biometrics in the Digital Age” discusses the role of biometrics authentication in banking security. From the op-ed:

In the digital age, there is a new paradigm for banking. Most patrons expect to be able to handle their everyday needs, as well as major transactions, without setting foot in their local branch. To meet consumer expectations for on-the-go convenience, mobile banking capabilities must be expanded in conjunction with security measures.

Biometrics authentication is a critical component of mobile banking security. The technology is a win-win – for the financial industry, it offers enhanced security; for consumers, it delivers greater convenience. Organizations can adjust the technology to their desired levels of each (security and convenience), which are in an inverse relationship along a sliding scale.

Used by government intelligence agencies worldwide for decades, growth of biometric authentication in consumer banking has been made possible in recent years by the proliferation of smartphones with high-quality microphones and cameras. Thanks to advancements in technology, the process is easy for consumers; biometric authentication can be completed anytime, anywhere, in a matter of moments.

As explained by Boukadakis, voice biometrics, in particular, are highly reliable with a 99.99% success rate – even more dependable than touch identification through fingerprints. “Today, consumers can truly say Open Sesame’ to easily access their accounts and complete transactions using their mobile phones, no matter where they are,” he writes.

Go to to read the full article to learn more about how financial organizations can match fingerprints, facial features, and voiceprints for authentication in mobile banking and benefit from the convenience offered by biometrics that goes hand-in-hand with the digital age. For more information on Enacomm Voice Authentication and Voice eSignature, click here.