Let Eva Authenticate & Protect Your Customers Using Voice Biometrics

Fraud, identity theft and security breaches have become commonplace in America. Using passwords, PINs, static security questions and other forms of account authentication were once tried and true methods to protect your customers. Today, however, these methods have been compromised.

To combat this security issue ENACOMM offers two powerful voice authentication products: Eva and Voice eSignatures.

INTRODUCING EVA: Enacomm Voice Authentication.

Eva’s voice biometrics are proven methods of identification — perfect for multi-layered authentication systems. In fact, voice biometrics are more reliable than fingerprints and are used by government intelligence agencies world-wide.

While PINs and other authentication data can be breached, your customer’s voice cannot be compromised or stolen. Even voice recordings or “replays” cannot be used to gain unauthorized account access, as Eva can ask for words, numbers and phrases in random order, making recordings or even stolen voice prints useless.

Eva offers better defense against fraud than PINs or static security questions. This includes brute force attacks, credential sharing, hacking, Phishing, Vhishing, credential resets, Internet searches and social engineering.

In fact, Eva’s underlying system boasts a 99.99 percent success rate and is in use in more than 40 countries today, protecting billions of dollars in assets.

Contact ENACOMM today if you would like to receive more information or schedule a product demonstration. You also may access a self-directed demonstration by following this link. To learn more about our other voice authentications product Voice eSignatures, follow this link.

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