4Cast – Perfect for Prepaid Cards, Banks or Credit Unions

ENACOMM’s 4Cast® is a hosted CRM product that automates intelligent customer interactions, predicts future behavior and conducts targeted messaging campaigns. 4Cast tracks customers’ activities and anticipates their needs in real-time. Using an advanced real-time decisioning engine, 4Cast researches hundreds of data points and accesses dozens of business policies to provide an exceptional customer self-service experience – all while aggressively conducting ongoing marketing and retention campaigns that are unique for each customer. From recognizing a customer by name to performing complex account analysis and probability modeling, 4Cast autonomously works to upsell, communicate and retain.

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To learn how 4Cast can benefit your organization, click the link below

  • Download 4Cast brochure for Financial Institutions
  • Download 4Cast brochure for Prepaid (cash) Card Organizations
  • Download 4Cast brochure for Outbound Alerts and Courtesy Messaging
  • Download 4Cast brochure for Outbound Marketing Campaigns